10 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Add Personality to the Entire Room

Nature-Inspired Motifs: Incorporate nature-inspired motifs into your kitchen backsplash to add interest and warmth, like Calacatta Matarazzo marble tiles featuring fern fronds, as seen in designer Cortney Bishop's low-country family home.

Rainbow Terrazzo: Add speckles of color to your kitchen with a rainbow terrazzo backsplash and matching countertop, creating a seamless connection from one aspect of the kitchen to another, as showcased in a kitchen designed by Penelope August.

Rustic Stonework: Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with rustic stonework backsplash, using locally-sourced materials to mimic the surroundings, as seen in the kitchen of a Napa Valley home designed by Marshall Watson.

Antique Tiles: Incorporate vintage-inspired designs and motifs into your kitchen with antique tiles, sourced from places like Solar Antique Tiles, to add character and charm, as showcased in a kitchen designed by Alison Newman.

Matching Shelf, Backsplash, and Counters: Create a cohesive look in your kitchen by using matching materials for the shelf, backsplash, and countertops, such as heavily veined marble, as seen in a traditional home kitchen.

Colorful Patterned Tile: Make a statement in your kitchen with colorful patterned tiles that add personality and flair, as recommended by Caren Rideau, founder of the Kitchen Design Group.

Celebrate the Materials: Embrace the natural variation and imperfections in handmade, artisanal tiles to add depth and character to your kitchen, as showcased in a kitchen designed by Feldman.

Accent the Range: Use bold-colored tiles to accentuate the cooking alcove and bring attention to the range, creating depth and visual interest, as seen in a kitchen designed by Cox.

Go Sustainable: Opt for ceramic tiles glazed with pigments derived from industrial metal waste to give your backsplash a sustainable and eco-friendly refresh, as showcased in a kitchen by designer Jaqui Sherman.

Glossy Herringbone Tile: Add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen with glossy herringbone pattern tiles that contrast with matte cabinets and dark stone counters, as seen in a kitchen designed by Cate Dunning.