6 Hidden Gems Rare Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over Having A Ferrari

1976-S Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter: Struck in 40% silver and with a San Francisco mint mark, this coin can command a premium due to its metal content and limited mintage.

Double Die Obverse Variety: Some bicentennial quarters exhibit doubling on the obverse side, particularly noticeable on the date and lettering. These varieties can be valuable to collectors.

Full Step Example: Bicentennial quarters with full steps on the staircases of the drum on the reverse side are scarce and can be sought after by collectors.

Error Coins: Coins with striking errors, such as missing clad layers or off-center strikes, can be valuable depending on the severity of the error and collector demand.

Uncirculated Sets: Uncirculated sets from 1976 containing bicentennial quarters in pristine condition can be worth more than individual coins due to their overall rarity.

Proof Sets: Proof sets from 1976, especially those with bicentennial quarters in flawless proof condition, can fetch significant prices among collectors.