7 Countries That Offer Retirement Visas to Americans

Panama: Panama's Pensionado Visa program offers retirees numerous benefits, including discounts on healthcare, entertainment, and transportation.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica's Pensionado program grants retirees with a steady income a range of benefits, including discounts on healthcare and transportation.

Portugal: Portugal's Golden Visa program allows retirees to obtain residency by making a qualifying investment, providing access to the country's healthcare system and other benefits.

Mexico: Mexico's Temporary Resident Visa is available to retirees who can prove sufficient income or assets, offering access to affordable healthcare and other perks.

Ecuador: Ecuador's Pensioner Visa program offers retirees a range of benefits, including discounts on utilities, transportation, and entertainment.

Malaysia: Malaysia's My Second Home (MM2H) program allows retirees to obtain long-term residency with minimal requirements, including proof of financial stability.

Thailand: Thailand's Retirement Visa allows retirees aged 50 and above to stay in the country for an extended period, provided they meet the financial requirements.