7 Deadly Weave Sins and How to Avoid Them

Choose Quality Hair

Opt for human hair extensions that are natural-looking and durable. Avoid synthetic hair that tangles easily and looks artificial.

Blend Seamlessly

Ensure your extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. A professional stylist can help with color matching.

Conceal Attachments

Keep attachment points discreet. Whether using wefts, clips, or bonds, strategically place them to allow for versatile styling without revealing the extensions.

Monitor Extension Lifespan

Know when it’s time to remove or redo your weave to prevent damage to your natural hair. Regular maintenance appointments can prolong the life of your extensions.

Care for Your Natural Hair

Don’t neglect your real hair underneath. Cleanse and moisturize your scalp regularly to prevent buildup and maintain hair health.

Maintain Extension Care

Treat extensions with care to prolong their lifespan. Minimize heat styling and use gentle products to avoid damage

Avoid Product Build-Up

Use minimal products on your extensions to prevent weighing them down. Opt for lightweight formulas that enhance without overwhelming.

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