7 DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Show off Your Green Thumb

It is better than cutting fresh herbs while cooking This simple yet lovely hanging planter may enhance any sunny kitchen window.

Hanging Wall Planters

Use lengthy yard limbs to save money. Train annual vines like morning glories or black-eyed Susans up it for a stunning focal point.

Bamboo Trellis

Bet you never knew $5 hanging plants could look that good! Flat-finish paint, durable rope, and washi tape help make it work.

DIY Vertical Hanging Planter Garden

In this simple succulent garden, landscape cloth and cactus potting mix are key. It would look great on a mantel, bedroom wall, or dining area wall.

Succulent Vertical Garden

Plant a perennial vine to climb a wall or garden building. Unlike English ivy, climbing vines like this hydrangea don't harm masonry. Check your Hardiness zone.

Plant a Perennial Vine

These stylish planters are built on empty plastic containers. Buy cheap plastic pots and turn them into hanging planters if you can't locate the proper sizes.

Upcycled Vertical Garden

Height may be added easily: Put an old ladder against the wall for plant tiered shelves. DIYing this using landscaping timbers is easy.

Ladder Shelving