7 Fastest Growing U.S. Summer Destinations Revealed In New Expedia Report

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant boardwalk, and family-friendly attractions, Myrtle Beach tops the list of fastest-growing summer destinations in the U.S.

Key West, Florida: With its laid-back atmosphere, stunning sunsets, and lively nightlife, Key West is a popular summer destination attracting travelers seeking relaxation and adventure.

Ocean City, Maryland: Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City offers miles of pristine beaches, a bustling boardwalk, and a wide range of water activities, making it a favorite summer getaway.

Virginia Beach, Virginia: Virginia Beach boasts miles of sandy shoreline, a lively oceanfront promenade, and a variety of outdoor attractions, making it an increasingly popular destination for summer travelers.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee: Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg offers stunning scenery, outdoor adventures, and family-friendly attractions, making it a top choice for summer vacations.

Destin, Florida: Known for its emerald-green waters, sugar-white sand beaches, and world-class fishing, Destin is a sought-after summer destination for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Surrounded by majestic mountains and outdoor adventures, Jackson Hole attracts summer travelers seeking hiking, wildlife viewing, and outdoor recreation in a picturesque setting.