7 Haircuts For Women Over 40 That Stylists Say Are ‘Old’

Long, straight hair can lack lift near the cheekbones. Strategic layers add volume and modern flair without sacrificing length.

Long, Straight Hair

Wispy, feathery layers can age your appearance. Opt for a modern butterfly cut to retain style and volume.

Feathery Layers

Bangs can be a great way to add a youthful charm to your hairstyle by framing your face. However, cutting them to eye-length may draw more attention to fine lines around the eyes.

Eye-Length Bangs

While wispy bangs can add softness to your face, they can also accentuate fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes. 

Wispy Bangs

The classic bouffant hairstyle, with its exaggerated volume at the roots, can often appear dated and add years to your look. 


Choosing the right hair color is crucial as shades that are too light or dark can contrast harshly with your skin tone, emphasizing fine lines and discoloration. 

Hair Color That’s Too Light Or Dark

A balanced haircut with slightly blunt ends and strategic layers can give your hair more body and movement without sacrificing thickness.

Layered Hair With Wispy Ends

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