7 Secret Features Of Rare Bicentennial Quarters Revealed Boost Your Collection Now

1. Dual Date Design: The Bicentennial Quarters boast a unique dual date design, featuring both 1776-1976, commemorating America's 200th anniversary. This distinctive feature adds a layer of historical depth, making these coins prized possessions for collectors.

2. Reversed Lettering: Upon closer inspection, collectors may notice the reversed lettering on the obverse side of the coin. This subtle detail, often overlooked, adds an element of intrigue and sets these quarters apart from their counterparts.

3. Hidden Designer Initials:Etched within the intricate details of the coin, the initials of the coin's designer, Jack L. Ahr, are discreetly placed near the ruffled collar of Washington's portrait.

4. Incuse Lettering: Unlike traditional coins, the Bicentennial Quarter features incuse lettering, where the letters are pressed into the metal rather than raised.

5. Drummer Boy Silhouette: Nestled within the design of the Independence Hall on the reverse side, a subtle silhouette of a drummer boy can be found.

6. Specially Minted Varieties: Beyond the standard design, there exist specially minted varieties of the Bicentennial Quarter, including those produced at the San Francisco Mint with an "S" mintmark.

7. Patriotic Symbolism: From the torch of liberty to the ringing bell of freedom, each element of the Bicentennial Quarter is steeped in patriotic symbolism.