8 Behaviors That Show Someone s True Personality

They Interrupt

According to Psychology Today, "most people feel disrespected when they aren't allowed to finish what they're saying, whether they realize it or not."

They re Not Grateful

"Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, and deal with adversity," according to Harvard Health.

They Don t Listen

While some people enjoy talking a lot, others find listening difficult. They eagerly try to shift the topic when it's their turn to listen to others so they can speak again.

They Lie

According to data from Cross River Therapy, "the average person lies four times in a day, for a total of 1,460 lies annually." Women lie on average three times a day, compared to men's six times per day.

They Flirt

Is there someone you know that flirts with other people when they're dating? Flirting with someone demonstrates a lack of commitment to that individual. 

They Don t Reach Out

According to data from SellCell, "we make a huge 13.5 billion phone calls every day" worldwide. However, if someone you know doesn't prioritize your friendship by not picking up the phone

They Arrive Late

Someone who consistently arrives late to events demonstrates a lack of organization. Furthermore, they demonstrate that they don't respect other people's time and have terrible time management abilities.

They Don t Socialize

Do you know somebody who is constantly on the go? This individual detests social gatherings and will use any justification to turn down an invitation. Perhaps all this person is really shy.