8 Best Mullet Hairstyles For Men, According to a Barber

Classic Mullet

Classic mullets include longer neck length and sloppy styling with matte cosmetics for texture. It contrasts shorter sides and elongated back on oval, round, and square faces.

Modern Mullet

Its smooth flow and flawless merging from sideburns to back make it suitable for wavy hair. A modern spin on the traditional mullet suits oval and round face shapes.

Undercut Mullet

Uneven lengths and faded sideburns give the undercut mullet its unique look. It complements oval, round, and triangular faces for a bold, edgy look.

Mullet Fade

The mullet fade modernizes the cut with gradually faded sideburns that neatly flow from top to skin. It provides a polished look for oval and oblong face types and varied hair textures.

French Crop Mullet

French crop mullets provide texture and balance to facial features with blunt, textured fringe styled forward. This versatile form suits oval, square, and round facial types and has a distinct look.

Guppy Mullet

Short sides and a longer mullet part that flicks out behind the ears make the guppy mullet simpler. It makes a statement with minimum upkeep and suits oval and oblong faces.

Mohawk Mullet

The mohawk mullet is bold, combining a spiky mohawk with nape length. It looks dramatic and sophisticated on square, round, and triangular faces.

Afro Mullet

This style balances Afro-textured hair with natural volume and shorter nape lengths. Afro mullets are best for oval and oblong face shapes and provide a distinctive twist to the standard mullet.