8 Best Trainable Pet Bird Species

South American rainforest macaws are among of the biggest, most beautiful, and most popular parrots, but they need a committed companion and wide, safe flying places.


African or Congo Grey Parrots are a single species from Central Africa's equatorial area. These old-world parrots are considered the smartest birds on Earth.

African Grey Parrots

Amazon Parrots are among the finest talkers, according to bird specialists. They have vast vocabulary and clearer speaking than other animals.

Amazon Parrots

Australian cockatoos are clever, caring, and lovely. These birds create close ties with their owners and may become quite upset if mistreated.


Budgies boast intellect, trainability, and personality in a little package. Budgies can communicate like bigger parrots and do amusing stunts that never fail to please.

Budgies Parakeets

Like parrots and songbirds, a few Mynah bird species in the starling family can learn and mimic human speech. They imitate their owners' voices to learn to talk

Mynah Birds

Lovebirds are smart and curious. They are great cage escape artists because they solve riddles and learn quickly. Though not conversational, they may acquire vocalizations


These birds are first afraid but may be trained to communicate with you verbally and physically. They may fly around the room, sit on your finger, and return to you.