8 Bold and Stylish Short Hair Ideas for 2024

Create a side part with longer bangs swept to the opposite side and thinned-out sideburns. Ideal for round faces, adds volume with layered top.

Vintage Pixie

Perfect for volume with layers at the nape and babylights on top. A timeless style that enhances body and fullness.

Classic Bob

Longer front and bangs with short sides and nape. Adds layers on top styled with waxes for a tousled look.

Tousled Boyish

Combines classic bob with pronounced side bangs, ideal for thick hair. Adjust bang length for forehead width.

Pixie Bob

Mixes choppy and classic bob styles, reduces volume with textured look using fiber wax. Balayage option for added dimension.

Choppy Bob

Short sides and nape with longer top and bangs. Daring style enhanced with pastel colors using bleach and toner.

Pastel-Colored Pixie

Loose at the nape, extends to chin. Fresh look for young girls, easy to maintain and grow out.

Chin-Length Bob

Very short bob cut to the ear with straight bangs. Enhances youthful faces, easy to style.

Short, Rounded Bob with Bangs