8 Classic Haircuts That Will Never Go Out of Style

short side-swept bangs your go-to move for adding personality to a basic cut. The best part: They're super low-hassle. Honestly, any style rocks earns our seal of approval.

Side-Swept Bangs

Avoid visions of ugly-green shag carpeting while judging this cut. Due to its adaptability, this 70s retro hairdo is timeless: Shag suits different lengths, hair types, and facial shapes.


Combine the conventional bob with European ease to create the French bob. As is typical of the French, this flawlessly mussed cut,

French Bob

She wore this short cut for years we understand. The disheveled top has energy, confidence, and just enough sassiness to make the look unforgettable.

Bold Pixie

Sometimes called the Birkin bang, this cool-girl look is lived-in and not overly styled, which makes it worth repeating. We especially love thick bangs on long hair.

Full Bangs

"You're so brave!" will be repeated if you try this side-swept crop. This short style makes an impression that lasts. With its deep part and sweeping bangs, it looks fresh and exquisite.

Side-Swept Crop

This ultra-layered design inspired millions of copies. Layered hairstyles are almost always voluminous, defined, and appealing.

Lots of Layers

We think her fans follow her hair more than our mama's biscuit recipe! Volume and huge, combed curls make this exquisite, mid-length look desirable.

Royal Volume