8 Things You'll Miss About Living In The South When You Move Away

That Sweet Southern Drawl

Southern accents, whether sweet Georgia drawls or feisty Texan twangs, are charming. The slower speech cadence and extended vowels sound like a warm aural hug.

The True Definition Of Hospitality

Warmth is genuine when neighbors offer a handmade pie or near strangers offer a place to stay if your car breaks down.

Fried Chicken So Good It Makes You Question Your Life Choices

Northerners can acquire fried chicken, but it won't compare to Southern fried chicken.

The Slower Pace Of Life

The relaxed discussions, sweet tea on the porch swing, and legitimacy of front porch sittin' sink into you.

Sweet Tea Being Available Everywhere

You get used to sweet tea quickly! Southerners are used to it in restaurants, gas stations, and even fridges.

Experiencing All Four Seasons

Autumn's fiery red and gold leaves, winter's snowfall, spring's blossoms, and summer's long, sunny days ultimately explain everyone's fuss.

Unique Language Filled With Colorful Phrases

These idioms may sound odd at first, but they add warmth and playfulness to regular speech.

Small-Town Charm Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Cities are exciting, but living in a place where the grocery store cashier knows your routine or the gas station attendant asks about your family is wonderful.