8 Unexpected French Nail Tips That Totally Reinvent the Classic Look


"A 'flat French' is one of my favorite techniques," explains Natalie Minerva, the HBO nail artist for Euphoria. "Instead of doing a curved French, I'll split the nail in half and draw a straight line.


A 3D piece placed between the base and the tip of your manicure will draw attention to it even more. By leaving the lines uneven and wavy, nail artist Sophie Dos Santos of Destination BTY


This abstract watercolor painting by Ohio nail artist @nailsbyblake captures the essence of a foamy wave in the ocean. Blake meticulously avoided getting any color on the bare base


Expanding upon the French motif, Jema Baynes, a nail artist based in the UK, painted a precise and orderly fleur-de-lis, with the petals spilling into the nail bed and the stem at the nail tip.


"We couldn't decide if these would be graffiti drips or ice cream drips," nails artist Manami Bloom, who is based in London, writes. Whatever your interpretation of that particular Rorschach test

Lava Lamp

Although these lava lamp nails aren't the first we've seen, they are the first to pair the look with a French manicure. Zbobinails, a nail technician from Marseille


It should go without saying that Minerva did this glittery French manicure for a customer to wear to Beyoncé's Renaissance tour because of its inventiveness, glitz, and overall badassness.

French by the ocean

This iridescence, complete with pearl, resembles the interior of a conch shell. The cat-eye technique was employed by Portland-based nail designer Alyssa to achieve this look.