8 Warning Signs Your Pet May Be Sick (and What to Do)

A typically energetic, happy-go-lucky pup acting sluggish and lethargic is a clear sign something is wrong. Sudden loss of energy might mean the pet s body is fighting off an illness.

Unusual Fatigue

If your pet shows a significant change in appetite, it's a red flag. Small fluctuations can be normal, but refusal to eat or drink for more than a day needs immediate vet attention.

Changes in Appetite

Monitor your pet's stool for unusual appearances like mucus, blood, or prolonged diarrhea. These can indicate digestive issues or other health concerns.

Unusual Stool

Occasional vomiting is usually not alarming, but multiple episodes within 24 hours could signal illness. Accompanying symptoms like fever or fatigue require vet consultation.

Vomiting More Than Twice in 24 Hours

Limping or dragging feet often indicates discomfort or injury. This behavior warrants a vet visit to check for issues like broken bones or other leg and paw injuries.

Limping or Dragging Feet

Discharge from eyes, nose, ears, genitals, or anus often signals infection or parasitic infestation. Immediate vet attention is necessary to address the underlying issue.

Discharge from Orifices

Seizures in pets are alarming and can result from toxins, trauma, or conditions like epilepsy. Multiple untreated seizures can cause lasting brain damage, requiring urgent medical care.


Coughing, wheezing, or choking are serious signs of breathing difficulty. Seek emergency vet care promptly, as continued obstruction can pose life-threatening risks.

Difficulty Breathing