8 Ways to Improve Your Deadlift Technique, According to a Trainer

Breathe Into Your Abdomen

During a deadlift, your spine can be protected with the right breathing and bracing. In order to maintain stability and avoid the spine flexing or extending during the most susceptible point in the deadlift motion the initial lift of the bar off the floor.

Take the Slack Out of the Barbell

Setting up properly from the beginning is a skill that is sometimes ignored when doing a deadlift. There will be a tiny gap between the top of the weight plate hole and the bar when using weight plates on the barbell when seated on the ground. 

Engage Your Lats

Improving your deadlift technique will come from activating your latissimus dorsi, or lats, prior to starting the lifting effort. While they don't propel the body forward during a deadlift, the lats do contribute to lessening the strain on the hips and spine throughout the exercise.

Screw Your Feet Into the Floor

You may drastically lessen your risk of injury and improve your deadlift technique by properly attaching your lower body to the floor. This is especially helpful if you frequently have lower back strain during or after deadlifting.

Push Your Hips Back

At this stage, people frequently make the error of letting their hips rise before moving the barbell and then pulling the weight with their lower back. As you start to elevate your hips, you should be in the optimum position to start raising the bar off the ground by pulling .

Use Deadlift Training Variations

You can target specific areas of weakness or technique errors by varying your training. For example, you can employ tempos, pauses, controlled eccentrics, and partial block lifts to assist improve the technical aspects of your deadlift.

Incorporate Supporting Accessory Exercises

Although it might seem obvious to concentrate more on deadlifting in order to improve at it, this isn't necessarily the case.

Enjoy the Process with Intent

Although this is a general cue, Nobbe suggests that the missing piece may be making sure you train with intent and focus. "If you aren t present and focused mentally and physically during each training session, you might be missing out.