9 Beautiful Hairstyles for Weddings for Curly Hair

Textured Updo

Natural curls add texture to an elegant updo. Hair sections are twisted and styled into a composed bun, perfect for summer weddings to combat humidity-induced frizz with anti-frizz shampoos.


Pinning hair half-up draws attention to natural curls at the back, framing the bride's face elegantly. Ideal for brides with voluminous hair wanting a fuss-free yet sophisticated look.

Sleek Ponytail

A sleek, low ponytail celebrates curls with a slicked-back front and defined curls at the back using pomade and curl cream. This style exudes sophisticated glamour, perfect for a chic wedding look.

French Twist

Twist hair elegantly into an updo, allowing a few curls to cascade. The French twist folds hair into a twist at the back, often with additional sections pinned for added elegance.

Natural With a Veil

Define natural curls and let them fall naturally, completing the bridal look with a veil. Enhance curls with products for a perfect wedding day hairstyle.

Fun Florals

Integrate flowers for a chic, bohemian touch. Twisted sections adorned with flowers complement the bride's face with healthy-looking curls, defining without weighing down.

Loose Updo

Pin curls loosely into an updo, allowing them to fall naturally. Embellished pins add beauty and elegance, while maintaining curl health with hydrating treatments.

Add a Headband

Wear natural hair adorned with a sparkling headband to keep it back. This simple addition adds a special touch to the bridal look.

Half-Back With a Braid

A pinned-back braid showcases natural curls while keeping hair off the face. Ideal for bohemian, garden, romantic, or rustic wedding themes, pairing beautifully with various styles.

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