9 Best Hair Styling Tips – How To Style Your Hair

Know Your Hair Type

Identify if your hair is fine or thick to choose the right care and styling methods. Fine hair is hard to see as a single strand, struggles with volume, and feels light. Thick hair feels coarser, is hard to manage with bobby pins.

Start with a Good Haircut

Regular trims not only remove dead ends but also make hair appear thicker and more vibrant. For flat hair, try face-framing layers or soft layers to add volume. For thick hair, consider long layers to reduce density or go.

Choose Hair Products Based on Hair Thickness

Use shampoos and conditioners designed for your hair type, and incorporate a deep-conditioning treatment weekly. Fine hair benefits from lightweight mists.

Get the Right Hair Tools and Accessories

Invest in a lightweight hair dryer to minimize damage, and select the right hairbrushes for your hair type. Use hair ties and bobby pins that match your hair color for a seamless look.

Learn to Embrace Your Natural Texture

Embrace your natural hair texture by using products that cater to it. For curly hair, avoid products with sulfates, mineral oils, waxes, or drying alcohols. Similar products work for wavy hair.

Style According to Your Hair Type

Fine hair offers versatility with messy 'dos, chignons, low buns, and easy straightening or curling. Thick hair can be styled with braids, side ponytails, or high buns to manage its weight.

Become Styling Product-Savvy

Use a small amount of styling products to avoid overloading your hair. Gels are good for creating spikes and slick looks, mousses add volume without crunchiness, and creams or serums are perfect for touch-ups.

Learn the Hairbrush Basics

For everyday grooming, use paddle brushes, and for blow-drying, opt for round brushes. Avoid metal-framed round brushes as they can overheat and damage your hair. Fine hair benefits from natural boar bristle brushes.

Battle Frizz for Good

Tame frizz with regular haircuts, cooler water during washes, silk pillowcases, and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Avoid products with high alcohol content that dehydrate hair. Use serums like Orlando Pita Well Behaved.