9 Healthy Juice Recipes to Make at Home

Carrot, Pineapple and Ginger JuicePineapple adds a sweet and sour tropical taste to carrots and ginger, which are high in fiber and vitamin A. The carrot leaves can be put in the blender for sure. Keep in mind that it will make the sipper a different color.

Celery JuiceYou can thank celery's ability to heal your gut for the popularity of celery juice. It's also said to keep you refreshed and prevent swelling. In an ideal world, you would drink it straight up in the morning and wait 20 minutes before starting anything else..

Lemon-Ginger Turmeric Wellness ShotsIf we're talking about being hip, you can find these tiny bottles of magic liquid in a lot of stores and coffee shops these days. But it turns out that these immunity boosts with turmeric are very easy to make at home.

Simple Green JuiceA big Granny Smith apple is a great way to cut down on the bitterness of fresh herbs and veggies. If you think it's not sweet enough, you can add a little honey or choose a different type of apple.

Watermelon Juice: For this one, don't worry about getting a fancy juicer: You can use your blender to make juice from watermelon instead of a juicer because it is soft enough. (It's also great as a cocktail base.

Vitamin Boost Detox JuiceIt's crazy how many greens are in a glass of this drink. It tastes better with fresh fruit and a tart-sweet apple. To make sure the lemon goes well with the other items, make sure you peel it first.

Kiwi Agua FrescaFor an agua fresca, you mix fresh juice with cold water to make it taste less strong. It's very refreshing and easy to drink. It might taste better without the agave, but you can add it if you want to.

Super-Powered Orange Juice: It's like breakfast for your body. Your breakfast table will soon be full of this mix of root vegetables, citrus fruits, and stone fruits. The mint is optional but we love the freshness it adds to every sip.

Immune-Boosting Kickstart JuiceDo you like Bloody Marys? Then this is the right juice recipe for you. Fresh tomato juice mixed with spinach, herbs, and a lot of strong spices. If you want it to really taste like the popular morning drink, add hot sauce.