9 Most Expensive and Greatest Horse Breeds Ever

Thoroughbred Horse

Bred for racing, Thoroughbreds are renowned for their speed and agility, with top-tier individuals fetching millions of dollars. Their short racing careers and high maintenance costs.

Arabian Horse

Known for their power and elegance, Arabian horses excel in equestrian sports and endurance. While some individuals can cost up to $100,000, others are available for more affordable prices.

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Originating from the Netherlands, Dutch Warmbloods are exceptional competition horses, particularly in dressage and jumping. While prices can vary depending on training, they are generally valued

Akhal Teke Horse

Recognized as one of the world's rarest and most expensive breeds, Akhal Tekes are prized for their distinctive metallic coat and athleticism. Purebred individuals can command prices of up to $100,000

Selle Francais Horse

A French warmblood breed, Selle Francais horses are highly regarded for showjumping, with some individuals selling for millions. While top-tier horses fetch high prices, affordable options are also available for aspiring riders.

Andalusian Horse

Originating from Spain, Andalusian horses are known for their elegance and high energy, making them ideal for various equestrian disciplines. Prices range from affordable crosses to higher-end imports

Friesian Horse

With their long flowing manes and elegant appearance, Friesian horses are prized for dressage and performance events. While top-quality individuals can cost over $100,000, average prices hover around $5,000

Percheron Horse

Versatile draft horses, Percherons are valued for their strength and stamina in various tasks, from forestry to historical reenactments. With prices ranging from $2,000 to $10,000


They have a long-standing reputation for excellence as one of the oldest Warmblood breeds and often outshine many other breeds in competition. This makes them pretty expensive but worth every penny.