9 Things Most People Only Do If They Grew Up in a Small Town

1. Greet Everyone They Meet

In small towns, it s common for residents to greet everyone they pass, whether they know them or not. This friendly habit of saying hello, waving, or nodding to strangers is deeply ingrained in the culture.

2. Refer to Directions by Landmarks

People in small towns often give directions using well-known local landmarks rather than street names or address numbers. For instance, you might hear instructions like, "Go down to the A&P, then turn left at Joe s Floral Shop.

3. Attend Local Festivals

Annual festivals or community events are a big deal in small towns. Whether it s a fall apple harvest festival, a summer seafood bash, or a celebration of the town s founding day, these events are cherished traditions. 

4. Support Local Businesses

Small-town residents often have a strong preference for supporting local businesses. They value the personalized customer service and unique offerings of family-run shops over big chains.

5. Recognize Cars and Their Owners

In a small town, people often know each other by their first names, their personal stories, and even their cars. This familiarity extends to recognizing who s at the grocery store simply

6. Value Community Involvement

Community involvement is a cornerstone of small-town life. Residents often participate actively in local politics, school boards, and volunteer fire departments. They also engage in community activities such as block parties

7. Appreciate Nature More

Living in a small town often means being surrounded by nature and having to travel distances for basic needs. This lifestyle fosters a deep appreciation for the natural world. 

8. Use the Scenic Route

Small-town natives often prefer taking the scenic route, even if it means a longer journey. They enjoy the slower pace and the opportunity to take in the sights, reflecting a general preference for enjoying the journey rather than rushing to the destination.

9. Expect a Slower Pace of Life

Patience is a virtue often learned early in small towns, where life moves at a slower, more deliberate pace. This slower pace of life allows people to take the time to enjoy simple pleasures and can provide a calming influence