Celebrate Pride with Fun Nail Looks in July

Rainbow Waves

This manicure features wavy rainbow designs over a nude base, adorned with swirls and hearts, perfect for those who love a playful yet sophisticated look.

Striped Angled Tips

Using a mix of rainbow hues, create angled striped tips on a sheer nude base. It's a simple yet striking design that adds a pop of color to your nails.

Twinkle in Pride

Keep it minimal with sparkles of different colors on a clear base coat. This design adds a touch of fun and sparkle to your Pride-themed nails.


Achieve an iridescent cross-nail gradient that fades from indigo to red. This artistic design can be recreated by blending two colors with a toothpick.

Pink and Blue Frenchie

Embrace the colors of the transgender flag with blue French tips and swirls of blues and pinks. It's a chic and meaningful way to celebrate Pride.

Multicolored Plaid

Opt for a subtle nod to Pride with a multicolored plaid design on a nude base, accented with delicate white daisies for a touch of elegance.

Dried Florals

Showcase vibrant dried florals against glittery backgrounds in various colors. Each nail becomes a canvas of botanical beauty, celebrating diversity in style.

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