How To Brush a Cat s Teeth

Manipulating Your Cat s Mouth

Start by affectionately touching and giving treats to your calm cat. Gently touch her mouth and offer immediate rewards if she allows it.

Gradually Introduce Finger Movement

Move her lips with your fingers, then run them along her teeth and gums. Once comfortable, wrap a moist gauze sponge around your finger and move it along her teeth, rewarding her throughout.

Add in Toothpaste

When your cat is at ease with the sponge, introduce veterinary toothpaste or gel on the gauze sponge. Continue with praise and rewards to make the experience enjoyable.

Introduce the Toothbrush

Gently touch your cat s face with the toothbrush, then place it under her lips and work it around. Use a toothbrush that s easy for you and let her lick the toothpaste off the brush.

Start Brushing

Focus on a circular motion along your cat s gum line, starting with the outer surfaces of her teeth. Gradually work up to brushing all her teeth for about 2-3 minutes daily.

Teaching Your Cat to Accept Toothbrushing

Aim to brush all the outer surfaces of your cat s teeth daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and veterinary toothpaste. It may take weeks for her to get comfortable, so stay consistent and positive.

Select Your Time

Consistency is key. Choose a quiet time of day when your cat is usually hungry to establish a routine. Avoid brushing right after you get home from work.