The 7 Best Under-Eye Masks of 2024

Wander Beauty Rose Gold Eye Masks

Yes, cute under-eye masks are fun to use to quickly hydrate, but the best ones also do a lot more to get rid of dark circles, make the area around the eyes brighter, and firm up.

Peace Out Puffy Under-Eye Patches

These patches are the best thing to use if you want to reduce puffiness. Dehydration can cause puffy eyes, so the hyaluronic acid adds the moisture that the skin needs.

Topicals Faded Under Eye Brightening & Clearing Eye Masks

This skin care brand made a big splash when they came out with their best-selling Faded Serum for dark spots and discoloration. If the dark spots you want to get rid of are mostly under your eyes,

Burt's Bees Hydrogel Eye Mask

Not only are these eye patches cheap, but they also work really well to soothe and depuff in just 10 minutes. The flavor in these masks quickly sinks in because they are made with vitamin E and algae extract.

Kat Burki Eye Recovery Masks

The Kat Burki KB5 Eye Recovery Masks are worth the extra money if you want to improve the look of your under-eye area after a big event.After a night out, these are the first things I grab.

Pixi Brightening Eye Patches

If you have dark circles under your eyes that won't go away no matter how much sleep you get, these patches will help. Licorice and vitamin C work together like a great team to quickly

Patchology Restoring Night Eye Gels

Retinol, the main ingredient in these patches, was made to be worn at night. Most under-eye patches can be worn at any time. The strong ingredient that speeds up the turnover of cells.