The 8 States That Get the Most Snow


Alaska, due to its vast size and northern latitude, experiences significant snowfall. Areas like Valdez and Thompson Pass are particularly known for heavy snow accumulation.

New York

Upstate New York, especially around the Great Lakes region and the Tug Hill Plateau, receives substantial lake-effect snowfall during the winter months.


Vermont's mountainous terrain and northerly location make it a prime location for heavy snowfall, particularly in areas like Stowe and Killington.


Maine, with its long coastline and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, experiences substantial snowfall during winter storms, particularly in its northern and mountainous regions.

New Hampshire

Like Vermont, New Hampshire's White Mountains and northern areas receive significant snowfall, making it a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.


Montana, especially in the Rocky Mountains and areas like Bozeman and Missoula, receives heavy snowfall due to its high elevation and continental climate.


Wyoming, with its high plains and mountain ranges like the Tetons and the Big Horns, experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months.


Colorado's Rocky Mountains, including popular ski areas like Aspen and Vail, receive abundant snowfall each winter, making it a haven for winter sports and recreation.