The Best Strength Exercises for Walkers

Skater Squats

Squats work a variety of lower body muscles, such as the hamstrings and quadriceps. Your outer thigh, which is frequently ignored when walking forward, is also worked by skater squats.

Forward Lunges

Walking works your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps, all of which are worked out during a lunge. If you need extra support, grab onto a chair during forward lunges to help with balance.

Calf Raises

Ever notice that as you walk, your calves begin to burn? In order to prevent burnout and fatigue, perform exercises such as this one to strengthen the calf muscles.


Planks are among the best exercises for strengthening your core because they work your lower back and abdominals. Breathing becomes easier when you walk with proper posture, which is enhanced by a strong core.


The first muscles that spring to mind when one thinks of a strong core are the abs. But equally important is a strong lower back, which is precisely what this exercise works on.


By using your body in unfamiliar ways, you can enhance joint stability and lower your chance of injury. Your muscles are used differently by this lateral movement than they are when you walk forward.


This exercise simultaneously strengthens the arms, shoulders, core, and chest! Walking a little faster and climbing a steep hill will be made easier with a strong upper body.