The Coolest Brown Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Espresso Martini

Kuserro suggests Hot Chestnut or Bold Brown from the IGK Permanent Color Kits for the effect. Finish with IGK Color Depositing Mask in Electric Bronze.

Bronde Blends

These shades sit in the in-between space between blondes and light brunettes that look seamlessly highlighted and don't go to white-bright blonde tones

Vintage Brown

Mildice says she stays faithful to brunettes with organic color by adding tiny ribbons of walnut and nutmeg below and throughout.

Soft-Frame Espresso

Teasylights and balayage create this simple yet luxurious appearance," she adds of the soft, rich brown facial frame.

Caramel Dimension

Curls need heavier dimension, so don't highlight small strands because they blend, she explains. The strong caramel stripes accentuate the curl pattern.

Apricot Brunette

Fiddleheads, curled young fern shoots from ostrich ferns, are cooked and consumed as a delicacy. Only specialist stores and farmers' markets sell them throughout the brief season.

Copper Brown

Last fall we saw coppers on a rise like never before, and while But don't see them going away anytime soon, we are noticing different ways we are keeping them on trend