The Most Blissed-Out Neighborhoods in America

This upscale neighborhood of St. Louis, which topped the list of the happiest small towns, may be all sunshine and butterflies It's an established residential neighborhood," Alicia Tierney, a St.

Frontenac, MO

Apologies, consumers (and fans of country music). This small Nashville neighborhood was so popular that it was the only one on the list where® did not have any listings for sale.

Oak Hill, TN

Glendale, another St. Louis suburb that made the list, is the town for people searching for their own little piece of Americana, according to Paula Andrew, a St. Louis real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway Alliance.

Glendale, MO

According to the town's website, young professionals love this upscale Iowa town, which is just a half-hour drive from Des Moines. Several parks inside the community boundaries, including a few ballfields, are among its primary selling attractions.

Grimes, IA

Residents can easily access the restaurants and shops in this Midwestern jewel because to its pedestrian-friendly layout. According to the town website, the Columbus,

New Albany, OH

Originally situated along an abandoned stretch of the renowned Route 66, Sherman is a small town and suburb of Springfield, the state capital.

Sherman, IL

During the Gold Rush, Montana City, MT, developed into a major mining hub. However, following that, the town was all but abandoned until the 1940s, when the construction of a cement factory gave the area new life.

Montana City, MT

Situated on Lake Washington, a short distance from Seattle, is this affluent suburb. Among the residents who are Uber-rich are Jeff Bezos and Bill and Melinda Gates. Naturally, it also has excellent schools.

Medina, WA