The Top 7 Low Upkeep Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Curly Bob with Highlights

Cut your hair into a short curly bob. Choose a brown shade that matches your skin tone and add thin blonde highlights. Use foam to define your waves and curls by combing with your fingers.

Salt and Pepper Pixie

A salt and pepper pixie cut requires minimal styling. It proves that gray hair can look fabulous without making you feel old. 

Full White Pixie

Transition to white hair by choosing a short pixie cut. Bleach your hair and use a suitable toner to match your skin tone. Embrace your white strands early and enjoy low-maintenance styling.

Platinum Blonde Layers

Layer your hair and dye it platinum blonde. Add lowlights in the nape area with a caramel hue. This mix of shades complements fair skin and blue eyes beautifully.

Gray Pixie Cut

A gray pixie cut is a common low-maintenance hairstyle for women over 50. Perfect for curly or wavy hair, it only requires a quick hand comb in the morning to look great.

Ombre Curly Hair

If you love curls and wear glasses, opt for an ombre curly perm. This low-maintenance hairstyle looks fabulous as your hair naturally loses its color.

Short Gray Hair

For those who prefer not to style their hair daily, a short haircut with naturally growing white hair is ideal. It requires minimal upkeep and looks stylish effortlessly.

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