These Are The 7 Cheapest Mexico Destinations For A Summer Getaway

Puerto Vallarta: A friendly city with stunning beaches, Puerto Vallarta offers affordable vacation options with activities like snorkeling, beach visits, and sunset watching.

Playa del Carmen: Known for its beauty and affordability, Playa del Carmen offers activities like cenote swimming, exploring Mayan ruins, and enjoying local cuisine. 

Isla Mujeres: A tranquil island getaway near Cancun, Isla Mujeres offers relaxation away from the hustle of the mainland. Tourist traps can be avoided by shopping at local grocery stores

Guadalajara: Brimming with culture and colonial architecture, Guadalajara is a budget-friendly destination with affordable hostels and diverse volunteer opportunities.

San Cristóbal de las Casas: Nestled in Chiapas, this city offers affordable tours of Sumidero Canyon and delicious plant-based meals. Hostel stays are economical, and volunteering opportunities

Mexico City: Known for its rich culinary scene, Mexico City offers affordable street food options and authentic flavors. Accommodation and activities can be found outside tourist areas

Oaxaca City: Rich in culture and traditions, Oaxaca City is a budget-friendly destination with affordable hostels and opportunities to experience local celebrations like Día de los Muertos.