This Easy Abs Workout Is Perfect For Beginners And Anyone Who Hates Crunches


This lying-down activity supports your lower back while building core strength and rapidly tires your lower abs as you stretch your opposing arm and leg.  Lay back with arms over chest, legs lifted and bent 90 degrees (knees over hips, shins parallel to floor).


Planks are the perfect core exercise because they work all four corners of your body, burn your shoulders, and engage your glutes and quads.  Kneel at back of mat with toes tucked and butt on heels.

Seated Straight-Leg Lift

Lying leg lifts might exercise hard on your lower back, but this seated variation will leave you with six-pack muscles. Start sitting with legs out front. This motion is more comfortable and improves posture when you start by placing your hands near to or behind your hips.

Side Plank

This workout gives you side abs. Side planks work your obliques and core. Lay sideways with right forearm flat on floor, elbow under shoulder, and legs outstretched to make a straight line from head to feet. The feet may be staggered for stability or stacked for difficulty.

Toe Touch

Start on your back with arms over your chest (optional to hold a dumbbell) and legs elevated to the ceiling with toes pointing. Engage core and elevate upper body off mat to tap ankles or feet with fingertips. Start again. 

Table Top with Knee Tap

This gradual, methodical maneuver builds to the bear plank. Expand your hover as you develop. Start on all fours with palms flat on floor, fingers pointing forward, wrists and elbows under shoulders. Keep knees below hips and toes tucked and pushed against mat. Keeping neck long and neutral.

Bird Dog

As your arm and leg stretch, your core fires to maintain your shoulders and hips straight to the floor, providing stability. Begin on all fours with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Keep back flat, abs engaged, elbows bent slightly.

Single-Leg Stretch

First try this adjustment if bicycle crunches don't feel correct. Lay on back with left leg straight in air, just above mat, head and shoulders curled up, and arms embrace right knee to chest. Hover left foot a few inches off floor with left leg straight.