Top 10 herbal face washes to rejuvenate your skin

Nat Habit Masoor Dal Face Wash

Harnesses the power of masoor dal for deep cleansing, acne protection, and UV damage defense.

Oshea Herbals Papayaclean Anti Blemishes Face Wash

Contains papaya extracts to fade scars, even skin tone, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Biotique Fruit Brightening Face Wash

Infused with aloe vera, amla, and tomato juice for hydration, pigmentation reduction, and tan removal.

Moha: Herbal Face Wash

Enriched with neem, rose, and cucumber for acne-prone skin, clearing impurities, and maintaining moisture.

Just Herbs Skin-Rejuvenating 

Powered by amla and vitamin C to cleanse deeply, combat pollution, and brighten skin tone.

Jovees Herbal Papaya Face Wash

Utilizes papaya enzymes and antioxidants to brighten, reduce dark spots, and enhance skin texture.

Hearth Brightening Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash

Features vitamin C and fruit extracts for glowing skin, anti-ageing benefits, and improved skin texture.

Khadi Mauri Herbal Eternal Glow Face Wash

Formulated with vitamin C and sandalwood to boost radiance, fight acne, and soothe skin.

Rustic Art Organic Face Wash

Contains neem and basil oils to purify, moisturize, and gently cleanse without stripping natural oils.

Skin Whitening Saffron Face Wash

Combines saffron and sandalwood for skin whitening, scar reduction, and improved skin texture.

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